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Sudarshan Biotech Private Limited is located in Hyderabad, India, by far the leader in generic, emerging and green-field Pharmaceutical and Biotech activities. Apart from being the base for some renowned names in Pharmaceuticals, Hyderabad is also home to many Central Government Institutes and Research Centers as well as several well-recognized Universities, whose staff are available for scientific collaboration and consultations. Thus, we at Sudarshan Biotech are powered by a matchless geographical, scientific and industrial hinterland.

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Chymosin – Cheese is a traditional way of preserving perishable milk and is made by adding Rennet, an extract (from the stomach of a calf) that contains a mixture of milk clotting enzymes. In recent years, however, Rennet has been replaced by Chymosin

HCV Antigens

HCV Antigens РWorldwide, more than 200 million people are infected by the Hepatitis C virus (HCV). At least 50 million of these patients are potential targets of liver cirrhosis or cancer. Hepatitis C is mainly transmitted from person to person through blood contact. Therefore, 

HIV Antigens

HIV Antigens With over 40 million infected people AIDS is one of the worst humanitarian crises the world is facing. With no cure available the most important step to combat this crises is through prevention. The primary requirements for prevention are education and identifying 

We have 20 years experience in virology and molecular biology

Today we are a partner of choice, when it comes to research based recombinant products, with a chosen emphasis on Industrial Enzymes, Diagnostic Antigens and Therapeutic Proteins. This is our story so far.



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I referred some of my patients, their Genetic DNA reports for health are worth going for. Unmatched turnaround time and clarity in reports.