Core Team

Dr. Ramareddy V. Guntaka

Designation: Chairman & Chief Scientist

Dr. Ramareddy V. Guntaka has three decades of hands-on experience in virology and molecular biology and has published extensively in many high impact journals. He was a member of the team that discovered the proto-oncogenes for which the 1989 Nobel Prize was awarded to Drs. H.E.Varmus and J.M.Bishop. Dr. Ramareddy V. Guntaka was also the key person for cloning and commercialization of Hepatitis B vaccine (Shanvac-BTM) and Interferon Alpha 2b (ShanferonTM) by Shantha Biotechnics Ltd, Hyderabad. He is also credited with cloning and sequencing, for the first time, the entire genome of Indian isolates of Hepatitis C Virus. Recently he received the Genome Valley Excellence Award at the Bio Asia 2006, held in February 2006.

Worldwide Patent No. 5,780,611 is an asset to Dr. Ramareddy V. Guntaka for Oligomers, which inhibit expression of Collagen Genes. This nucleic acid-based drug is to control organ fibrosis (liver, kidney, lungs, heart, restenosis, etc.).

Dr. K. Narayana Reddy

Designation: Managing Director

Dr. Narayana Reddy has a vast Research experience in Biomedical sciences at molecular level over 35 years and valuable executive experience of over 20 years in Pharma and Biotech industries. He holds a Ph.D and worked in reputed research institutions in India and abroad like National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad and Institute for Physical Biochemistry, Munich, Germany and has guided many doctoral students. He has several research publications of international repute and a commendable US Patent to his credit. He is instrumental in designing and establishing Biochemistry and Drug Screening laboratories at Dr. reddy’s Research Foundation (DRF) of Dr. Reddy’s Labs. He had a versatile experience as Chief of Biochemistry and Scientific Affairs at DRF. He has built motivated drug discovery teams at DRF, where two antidiabetic insulin sensitizer drugs were discovered and subsequently licenced to Novo Nordisk, Denmark for clinical development. As Chief Operating Officer of the emerging Biotech company, DS Genomic Solutions, Hyderabad, he has designed and set up an advanced technical facility for providing genomic services as a CRO.

Dr. P.K Mythili

Designation: Principal Scientist

Dr. Mythili holds a Ph.D and has more than 15 years of research experince in the area of Genetics, Gene cloning and Expression. She has published over 15 research papers in reputed journals. She has worked for 5 years at Osmania University and ICRISAT, Hyderabad as Geneticist. She Contributed to the colning and expression of majority of the antigen clones, chymosin, human serum albumin, erythropoietin and interferon beta 1a and 1b that are available at SBL. She has developed a simple method for acivating chymosin, enzymes required in cheese production, which resulted in a process patent awarded to SBL. She is curently on lein at Universirty of Tennessee, Memphis, TN, USA, working in the laboratory of Dr. Guntaka on cloning and characterization of E1 and E2 of HCV, two potential candidates for HCV vaccine. She is also characterizing G-CSF, Hirudin, and Insulin Clones.

Dr. V. Aruna

Designation: QC Head

Dr. V. Aruna presently working as Head Quality Control at Sudarshan Biotech Pvt. Ltd. A competent professional with over 18 years of rich & versatile experience in Research & Development and Regulatory science. Holds broad set of analytical and technical skills. Expertise in many areas of research (animal and plant biotech research) in product characterizations of recombinant products. Different cloning and expression strategies and purification of recombinant therapeutic proteins (HSA and Erythropoietin) in methylotrophic yeast Pichia pastoris, HCV antigens expressed in E. coli in order to develop an indigenous diagnostic kit and purification of milk clotting Enzyme- Chymosin, and other industrial important enzymes Hydantoinase and Carboamylase. Expression analysis and method development for Bt. proteins and biosafety studies in GMO’s and their products for the deregulation of the products. Robust and high-quality assays in product development as per specification guidelines and perform QC of all documents prior to technology transfer of recombinant products. Papers published in Transgenic research- springer, International Journal of Bioassays, Asian Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences and books like Current trends in Biotechnology & Pharmacy.