Current Products


Industrial Enzymes

Chymosin – Cheese is a traditional way of preserving perishable milk and is made by adding Rennet, an extract (from the stomach of a calf) that contains a mixture of milk clotting enzymes. In recent years, however, Rennet has been replaced by Chymosin, produced by recombinant DNA technology. At Sudarshan Biotech, we have successfully developed a patented technology to produce Chymosin.

Hydantoinase and Carbamoylase – Worldwide, beta-Lactam antibiotics are the most commonly used antibacterial drugs. Among them, semi synthetic Penicillins, such as Amoxicillin, have been the most used in pharmaceutical industries over the years. The synthesis of Amoxicillin proceeds with the condensation of two moieties, D-p-hydroxy-phenyl glycine (D-PHPG) and 6-aminopenicillanicacid. Currently, PHPG is synthesized through chemical synthesis and is totally imported in India. At Sudarshan Biotech, we have developed the r-DNA technology to convert the substrate PHPH into the product PHPG.

Diagnostic Proteins

HCV Antigens – Worldwide, more than 200 million people are infected by the Hepatitis C virus (HCV). At least 50 million of these patients are potential targets of liver cirrhosis or cancer. Hepatitis C is mainly transmitted from person to person through blood contact. Therefore, almost every country has made it mandatory to screen

blood donors for HCV.  In order to produce a diagnostic kit, three to four of HCV antigens are used. Currently the kits available in India use these antigens imported from different countries. Sudarshan Biotech produces all four antigens (namely the proteins – Core, NS3, NS4 and NS5). A team of scientists from US and India, headed by Dr. Ramareddy V. Guntaka of the University of Tennesee, Memphis, USA  submitted the full sequence of the prototype HCV that is prevalent in India. This was the first ever virus to be sequenced in India, which was submitted to the GeneBank on August 16, 2001 (ACCESSION NUMBER: AY051292). Funding for this project came primarily from Sudershan Biotech.

HIV Antigens

HIV Antigens: With over 40 million infected people AIDS is one of the worst humanitarian crises the world is facing. With no cure available the most important step to combat this crises is through prevention. The primary requirements for prevention are education and identifying the infected. Sudarshan Biotech identifies the need for this and provides HIV antigens p24, gp41, gp120, gp36 antigens used in HIV diagnostic kits.

Sudarshan Biotech has the distinction of being the first Indian company to produce 8 Antigens needed for the detection of HCV and HIV infections.